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2019 Open Enrollment for  2019 summer and fall semester piano lessons 
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2019 5 day Summer Music Camps: Note Recognition, Rhythm, or Hymn Playing.
$78 per camp!  See huge improvement in your child's lessons!

Open to all instrumentalists:  Violin, voice, piano, clarinet, trumpet, etc.

Did you know that we're  a music school with cutting-edge technology? Our school is one of the best in the country.

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Private weekly piano lessons: 30, 45, or 60 minutes
Semi-private lessons for two students

Group classes for children,  teenagers, and adults
Pre-school/kindergarten age:  weekly 50 minute group piano classes 
(class size is limited)

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 At Barton Music School, students learn rhythm, pulse, singing, intervals, music note reading, chords, ensemble work, performance, and digital keyboarding.  We use iPads, monitors, apps, and hands-on activities for development of long-term memory.

Become a functional musician!




"Gina Barton is the best teacher around!  She has so much experience and new innovative ways of helping her students learn.  I am amazed how she used technology to make music more fun and interactive for her students."        

​                                                                                                                                --Daniel D.


"Gina is an outstanding piano teacher; she is knowledgeable and thorough in her technique. Our daughter started taking lessons when she was 6 and, after only two years, it is marvelous to see how far she has gone and hear how beautiful she can play. Our home is now filled with music that our daughter enjoys playing because of the fun and effective methods that Gina uses.  Hands down one of the best teachers I have seen. I highly recommend Barton Music School."

                                                                                                                                --Nelson A.

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How do you choose the best piano teacher for your child?
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Does studying piano make your child smarter?

​This article talks about many of the other benefits your child gains by studying a musical instrument.  Some of the questions below are answered in the article.  Click the link to read more.

 Do they get higher scores in tests in school?  Does studying music help them excel in math and science?  Do more children go on to medical school if they've studied music?  Does your child's brain develop differently because of studying music?   


How does studying piano help a 6 year old's brain change?

​Learn how young 6 year olds brain growth and fine motor skills are enhanced by playing a musical instrument.


11 ways to help your child practice the piano

​This article shares eleven ways of how a parent can help their child's musical development during their practicing  at home.

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Piano Lessons are Good For You and Your Brain  
This fascinating article showing specific parts of brain that are  developed when a student is learning a musical instrument.


Group Music Lessons for Young Children Teach General Skills

You may be considering enrolling a young child in music lessons.  But while private music lessons work for some small children, not all lpreschoolers are ready to focus for a half-hour private piano lesson.  Many aren't ready to adhere to a regular practice schedule, not to mention that young children simply may not have the dexterity to move fingers independently to make clear notes sound on the piano.

Children who exhibit an interest in music but who aren't yet mature enough for private lessons can benefit from general music lessons in a group setting.

Group music lessons serve several important purposes in setting the stage for a child's music education.  Classes teach how to move to music-pulse, count, recognize pitch, and sing.
Skills taught to very young children - pitch recognition, musical form, counting, playing in time-are essential for beginning study on any instrument.  These skills are very effectively taught to groups via games.  

A student who has not had exposure to these music elements is often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of all there is to learn and do when starting the piano: Recognize the note, find the correct location of the  note, play it with the correct hand and finger, short or long notes, and so much more.  Students with early exposure to fundamentals often find the first lessons on an instrument much easier, because they already understand some basic musical concepts.

Group lessons are fun because they involve play with other children.  Small children take cues from each other, and learn by playing and engaging directly with material that interest them.

Group lessons instill an early appreciation that music in an enjoyable activity to be played in a group setting.

Group lessons focus on skills are children are cognitively and physically able and ready to learn.

Group lessons create a quality education family interaction.

In short, group lessons give pre-schoolers an opportunity to play with music, to have a stress-free and enjoyable introduction into the world of music makiing, and teach them skills that they will be able to apply to instrumental study when they are ready for it.         http://musicalresources.blogspot.com

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